Author - Hannanh Greenwood

Why should you use PPE?

As most Health and safety officers will know, hazard awareness is an important part of preventing dangers that are present in any work environment.  A hazard, put simply, is something that has the potential to cause harm. As risks are therefore plentiful and varied in the work force, so too are the precaution measures.  One main successful measure, that in times past was sadly overlooked, is the use of PPE. (more…)

Your Options with Printing and Embroidery

At Simply Hi Vis Clothing UK, we have over 15 years of experience, and within this time we have become one of the best companies for branded workwear and clothing. Whether it’s embroidered or printed, we will make sure to use the latest technology to create your bespoke workwear, so you can be certain that the quality will reflect that of your company. If you’re deciding between printed or embroidered designs, read on to find out some of the different advantages and disadvantages of each option. (more…)